Jon Baker

Jon Baker

Virtual presentations, workshops & coaching

Driven by his desire to expose and develop the talent of quieter businesspeople, alongside his enthusiasm for action Jon Baker has become known for inspiring business leaders into action.

Some people think the virtual world makes it harder to run a business, know what’s going on and manage your team – Jon doesn’t agree.

His business growth and networking knowledge (written three books on the subjects), combined with leadership experience allows Jon to show leaders how to improve productivity through a better understanding of introversion. Understanding and changing habits are often all that’s needed to get more from a third of your team.

He’s probably the only speaker who believes you don’t need to keep your head above water to succeed. He spends spare time underwater. Scuba diving has provided fun and many tight spots, expect diving stories that help you change your thinking about real-life issues.

With his quietly confident attitude to challenges and his vision to support introverts in business, it’s no surprise that Jon Baker has become known for activating introverts across the UK.


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