Karine Leblanc

Karine Leblanc

Sales Engineer | Speaker | Trainer | Coach | Not Your Typical Engineer ™️


Karine Leblanc, a sales engineer and leadership expert, helps busy consulting engineers with their HVAC design projects by supporting them with various system ideas and efficient equipment solutions.

Not your typical engineer™, Karine Leblanc is passionate about helping engineers step up their leadership skills by learning how to build lasting relationships, communicate effectively and become an influencer without relying on any title.

Like you, Karine has been exposed to the good and the bad of leadership over the last two decades. She uses her experience to teach and impact her peers by speaking as a distinguished lecturer for ASHRAE all over the world. Karine values real-life stories and conversational connection with her audience making everyone feel like they matter. Karine has served on the ASHRAE Society Board of Directors, (a 57,000-member trade association) from 2014-2017 and became the first female Region X Director Regional Chair since 1959. She is now serving as the President-elect of the National Speaker Association Los Angeles Chapter. She has received the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and was awarded an honorary medal as part of the 50th anniversary of the University of Quebec for her exceptional contribution to the university.


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